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Products We Offer

We offer a large range of brands to suit your requirements. Some of these brands include:

All New Lawn Mower Batteries

Neuton Power Wet Filled Acid type Batteries
Part# U1-300 / U1R-300
CCA: 300
RC: 35
28 Ah
12 Months Warranty
Dimensions: 195 x 130 x 185 (L x W x H) Cut a Deal

Neuton Power Batteries

Neuton Power

Neuton Power is an excellent quality battery are made using the best products and are manufactured to the highest standard. Neuton Power has a full range of batteries from AGM, Gel, Auto batteries & Solar batteries.

Odyssey Extreme Batteries

Odyssey Extreme

The ODYSSEY® Extreme SeriesTM battery’s incredible combination of power and endurance makes these batteries ideal for just about anything, just about anywhere. Boasting rugged construction and AGM design, ODYSSEY® Extreme SeriesTM batteries have an 8-12 year design life and a 3-10 year service life.
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Fullriver Batteries


Each Fullriver DC, FFD, and HC Series batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times. With the Sealed, Maintenance-Free aspect of all our AGM batteries, you can simply "Set it" and Forget it".
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Hardcore Deep Cycle Batteries


Australia has some of the harshest operating conditions for batteries found anywhere in the world. Long distances, big loads, huge temperature extremes and cycling demands that grow more and more each and every year. So when you’re on the job you want a truck, earth moving or commercial battery that you can rely on.
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Delkore Batteries


Alloy calcium lead gives Delkore Batteries superior low resistance and approximately 20% improved charging ability compared to other batteries. Delkor Battery construction also means low rates of self discharge when left in storage for extended periods and lifespans up to 3 times longer than the competition.

Supercharge Batteries


SuperCharge batteries are engineered with cutting edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. The range consists of many Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance batteries.

Exide Batteries


Discover the confidence of driving with a new generation energy system from Exide. From a world leader in stored energy technology comes new generations of passenger, commercial and industrial batteries, integrating advanced technologies, precise engineering and innovative design to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Century Batteries


Century batteries offer a wide selection of lead acid batteries for your vehicle. These batteries are developed to the highest standards in quality and boast innovative design features that suited local conditions.

Optima Batteries


Modern vehicles need more power, whether it be higher cranking, more amp hours or a higher reserve capacity. Why not have it all with one battery... Optima Batteries with its unique spiralcell design can provide it all.
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AMP-Tech Batteries


SuperCharge deep cycle batteries provide power to electrical accessories, such as lights, trolling motors or winches. It is built to provide a low, but steady level of power for a longer period of time.

Battery Replacement Services

Plus many more...

Battery Replacement Services has access to a huge range of batteries from many different manufacturers. If the one you're looking for isn't listed, please contact us and we'll find the right battery for you.